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  • Sleek Speciality Lubricants

    We supply a range of lube products that will protect your equipments and bring your engines to new heights of productivity
  • We created precisely perfect formulations for heavy duty trucks, construction trucks, commercial trucks, industrial machinery, etc
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  • SLEEK i-Synthex Engine Oil is formulated using a careful selection of high-performance, specialty synthetic base oils and additive technology.
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  • i- RACING Series engine oil with maxi perform boosters partnered with modern, high performance 4-stroke sports bikes aids to increases engine acceleration and power right up to maximum rpm.
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    Using i-OCTASYNTH engine oil technology, offers benefits beyond that of  Conventional mineral-based engine oils. These include excellent low temperature fluidity to ensure easy starting in cold weather and low volatility that helps reduce oil consumption.

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  • ​Your Engineering Solution Partner for Industrial Applications

    Designing, developing and delivering engineering solutions for all our industrial partners for over decades.
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Advanced Synthetic Formulation with Calcium Sulphonate Complex Thickener , Maxi Perform Boosters and Defend Molecules to deliver Outstanding Performance even at Extreme Temperature and Elevated Load Conditions
Achieve Enormous EP Resistance, Premium Anti-wear Protection, Excellent Mechanical Stability and Low Oil Separation.
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Decades of Experience

Our lubricants are built in the real worlds of plant and industry. Our engineers work closely with many of the world's leading equipment manufacturers so that they can get the best possible knowledge of lubrication requirements.


i-Synthex High Performance Engine Oil is a high quality synthex lube, specifically designed for modern cars running on Petrol / Diesel / LPG / CNG / Bio-Diesel.


i-RACING high-performance 4-stroke engine oil series is specially formulated for demanding use in hyper sport motorcycles.


i-OCTASYNTH is designed to provide exceptional viscosity/temperature characteristics, unmatched engine protection, excellent load carrying ability,  high soot dispersancy required for turbo-charged engines.

Looking Beyond Moving Forward
Advanced High Performance Lubricants with Maxiperform Boosters

High Capacity Lubricant Blending Plant
Efficient Lubricant Filling Plant
Highly Precision Testing Equipments
State of The Art Laboratory

We have invested with an open heart to develop Sleek brand that is engineered to cater various demands of customer’s requirements. We produce full range of Automotive and Industrial  Lubricants in all applicable SAE grades in conformance with API specifications and standards.

One of the Best Lubricant Brand Across the Globe

Our Product Range also includes Hydraulic oil, Heat Transform oil, Turbine oil, Compressor oil and industrial Gear oil.


There are several types of oil used in automobile such as Full Synthetic Motor Oil, Semi Synthetic Motor Oil, Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, Conventional Motor Oil, etc


Synthetic Compressor Oils,High Temperature Chain Oils, Circulating oils, Extreme Pressure Oils, Heat Transfer Fluids, Hydraulic Oils are various Industrial Oils.

Speciality Products

We Specialize in Many Speciality High Temperature Greases and High Performance Synth Oils.

Trust Sleek Engine Oils ! Extend your Engine Life !

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